A Day In: The Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace

Posted - 25th July 2017

During our stay in St. Petersburg, we spent most of our first, rainy day in The Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace. As I mentioned in our blog A week in: St. Petersburg, I would say that this is probably the most beautiful and biggest museum I have ever seen. It compares to the Louvre in France, but a thousand times more beautiful and has much more interesting expositions, and it has a very recognisable façade and is placed on the beautiful Palace Square. 

We would recommend going there in the mornings, and purchasing the tickets online to avoid big queues. If you are a lover of museums and going around each room, this can literally take up all of your day! We spent about 3-4 hours there and we still haven’t seen every single room and exposition in there, although we did try. You get a map at the entrance, but I must say… it was quite difficult to navigate around, make sure you follow the numbers of the rooms, which we didn’t really do at first, and got completely lost!!

Tip: We recommend getting your E-tickets from the following online website: https://www.hermitageshop.ru/tickets/

We were so impressed with this grand museum, but I found myself being more impressed with the architecture of every room in this winter palace than the actual expositions. Every single room had something special in its architecture, and had its own charm. However, if you do love art, we would say that this is one of the best art collections of all the famous artist we have ever seen in one place. No need to go to any separate art galleries – its all there!

We decided to write it all up in another blog, so that we could share with you as many photos of our surroundings as possible and give some more background of this palace. The foundation of the Hermitage was around 1764, when Catherine the Great started a collection art and sculptures as debts and payments from others around the world, and in this way, she founded the Hermitage Museum collection.

One of the most impressive rooms was the Throne Room, which was a huge hall, with beautiful chandeliers, golden decorations everywhere and of course, a big red throne.

There was also a stunning malachite drawing room:

Another huge ballroom:

A great wooden library

And just many more stunning rooms:

And art of known artists such as Renoir, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Picasso, Matisse, Monet, da Vinci, Rubens and many many more…

To get a good feel of how grand this building is, and how impressive the collection is, the best thing to do, is come and visit this at least once in a lifetime. After visiting The Hermitage and Winter Palace, I do not think I will ever visit another museum as beautiful and rich as this one.

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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