A Day in: Verona

Posted - 9th September 2018

Our second stop, during our week long trip though Italy (A week in: Italy), was Verona. We made our way from Venice, with the train, and arrived early afternoon. We spent 24 hours in this beautiful city, so we hope you enjoy our one day itinerary in Verona.

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Day 1 – Juliet’s Balcony | Palazzo della Ragione | Scaliger Tombs | Piazza Delle Erbe | Castel San Pietro

When we arrived in Verona, we realised how underrated this stunning city really is. This is where Romeo and Juliet was set, and you can feel the love and passion of this city when you just stroll the streets. We were astonished that this little Italian city is so over looked by everyone.

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We were very lucky with the hotel we chose, as it was the most beautiful little airbnb called Residenza Elisabetta, with the nicest and welcoming hosts. It was so central and convenient for us, and the bed was super comfy, we wanted to stay for longer!

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First thing we wanted to see was Juliet’s famous balcony, and its lovely courtyard. It was super packed with many children, on their school trip! But luckily, the balcony was easy to spot, up at the top, you just need to time the photo right, so there are no tourists in the way 🙂

Juliet's balcony verona italy

You can go up and visit the museum and the balcony, but we were too tired to stand in the queue, so we just spent some time in the courtyard, and felt the love there.You can also write a little note on a post it note and stick it to the wall, or sign a lovely locket and attach to the fence.

We decided to just stroll around the city, and take in the beautiful sites. We didn’t have any plans for the afternoon, so we followed signs to visit any sites on our way. One stop was the Palazzo della Ragione.

Next, we popped by Scaliger Tombs. There are 5 tombs, celebrating the Scaliger family, who ruled in Verona from the 13th to the late 14th century.

We stopped over for a nice drink at Piazza Delle Erbe. It’s a beautiful square, with a lovely fountain, lots of cafes where you can relax, and during the day, there’s a nice market, selling fresh fruits and souvenirs.

All the houses, flats and restaurant architecture was stunning, and colourful. We had to make sure we were looking where we were going, as we kept looking up!!

Fun fact: Did you know that the city of Verona has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its urban structure and architecture.

Now as the afternoon was slowly turning into evening, and the sun was slowly setting, we decided to get ourselves a couple of Italian beers, and make our way towards Castel San Pietro. To get over there, we crossed the Ponte Pietra, and started to walk up the stairs. It’s a bit of a tough climb, but completely doable in like 10 minutes. We followed the Scalinata Castel San Pietro road, and from there, it was really obvious where to go

Once we got to the top, the view was well worth the climb! We found ourselves a very nice seat, right on the edge, put the GoPro on, and filmed the beautiful sunset, over the stunning Ponte Pietra crossing the river Adige, and the picturesque city of Verona (while sipping on our beers of course).

Once the sun was finally behind the buildings, we walked down the same way, and went for a nice pizza dinner, and then had a lovely night’s sleep in our hotel room.

Day 2 – Arena Di Verona | Museum of Castelvecchio | Arco dei Gavi| | Porta Dei Borsari

The next morning, we went to Arena Di Verona. This really reminded us of the colosseum, but just a much smaller version. Nowadays, they lead many concerts and operas in this arena. I just thought this was a brilliant way of using such a beautiful location!

We then walked all the way to Museum of Castelvecchio as well as it’s fortified bridge. There were barely any tourists, and the weather was just so lovely, so we really enjoyed the nice little walk. We took this day quite easily, because we had to make our way to Bologna in the afternoon.

Right next to the Museum of Castelvecchio, we had a sit down by the Arco dei Gavi, and just watched the river flow. The fun part was that there were actually lots of people kayaking on the river! We didn’t realise they allowed people on such a fast flowing river, but it was definitely amusing to watch.

We then walked back into town to have some food and relax, before we went to catch the train. Luckily, the town of Verona is quite small, so easy to get from one side to the other. We passed by the Porta Dei Borsari. This is still a gate standing from Roman times, as the entrance to the city.

At that point, we got quite hungry, but didn’t want to sit down anywhere to eat, so we found the cutest takeaway called: Pasta to Go. Where you can order any kind of pasta, and they cook it for you right there and then, and you can take it away in the cups. We loved that idea, felt like a healthy and delicious takeaway, and perfect to line our stomachs for the trip ahead to Bologna.

Sadly, by the beginning of the afternoon, we had to leave beautiful Verona, and make our way to our next destination, Bologna. We enjoyed our stay in Verona so much, that we would really like to come back and spend a little more time in this picturesque city.

We hope you enjoyed our 24 hour itinerary in Verona, and read our other blogs from our trip: A Week in: Italy.

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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