Eating out in: Dubrovnik

Posted - 23rd September 2018

Before going on our weeklong trip to Dubrovnik, we didn’t hear much about the food in Croatia, or what their speciality is, so we didn’t really have many expectations when going there. Once we arrived, we realised that seafood is very popular there, which would obviously make sense, since it’s on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Sam isn’t a massive fan of seafood, so we had to make sure to go to restaurants that had both seafood and meat.

I don’t know if it’s just us, but when it’s really hot outside, we don’t really have much appetite. This meant that we only really had 2 meals a day, breakfast/ brunch and dinner. On our first night, we decided to have a small dinner by the Game of Thrones Shame stairs, so picked a restaurant randomly (without actually looking at any of the reviews) called Cafe Royal. It wasn’t amazing, but satisfied our needs. Sam ordered himself a lamb leg with some gnocchi, which he loved, and I had the local speciality of squid ink risotto, which was cooked really well, and had that distinct black colour!

We were really surprised about how expensive Dubrovnik actually is. I believe that since Game of Thrones, this city got much more touristy and more expensive, but don’t let that put you off, because it’s a beautiful city. If you want to read more about our week stay in Dubrovnik, head to our blog A week in: Dubrovnik.

There are so many places to eat in Dubrovnik, and actually a lot of them are in such good locations! There are quite a few in the Old Port, and that is where we had our dinner on the second night. We decided to have dinner on the terrace at Poklisar restoran, which had all sorts of food, so simple for us to pick. I wanted to stick to seafood, so had a massive plate of calamari. There was so much, that I wasn’t even able to finish!

After dinner, we found a lovely little ice cream shop, that sold delicious ice cream of all sorts of flavours. We loved the interior and the variety of flavours there, so would strongly recommend going to Peppino’s Ice Cream Shop.

On the third night of our trip, we spent the evening watching the sunset from the top of the hill called Srd. Luckily, there is a stunning restaurant called Panorama, where you get the most amazing view while having your dinner. However, if you do want to have a table with the best view, we would strongly recommend booking at table, because it get’s very busy! Unfortunately, we didn’t book, so didn’t get the best seat, but it was still amazing as the atmosphere is lovely.

Top tip: Dinners at this restaurant are very fancy and delicious, but also quite pricey, but if you go between 12pm and 6pm, they still server their “lunch” menu, which is half the price!

On our final day in Dubrovnik we had a lovely big brunch at Cele Dubrovnik Gourmet & Lounge. We picked this cafes because it’s right on the Main Street in Dubrovnik, had a big variety of brunch food, and we sat o the terrace where we could people watch (that is our favourite hobby..). I went for a nice and delicious french toast, with fresh berries.

Sam decided to start a new tradition during our trips, where he will order a full English breakfast at least once, and will give it a Sam rating out of 5. For this English breakfast Sam rated Cele a good 3.9/5 stars. His reviews was that the sausage and beans were delicious, but the garnishing was a bit too healthy for his liking 🙂

For our evening meal, we decided to go to a steak house called Paparazzo, as Sam was craving a good piece of steak. It was so delicious, and we both went for a Croatian steak. The view from this terrace was stunning, looking over Dubrovnik Cathedral. It was very popular, so the tables were occupied very quickly!

While we stayed in Dubrovnik, we found about 5 shops selling candy in a very unique way, called Pirate Candyshop. Looking online, you’ll find lots of reviews saying to stay away as they scam you, but that is to be expected.. These places sell the candy for very expensive prices, but I feel that you pay for the experience. The entire shop is decorated like a pirate ship, and the candy is just everywhere! Sam couldn’t give this a miss…

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide of where to eat in Dubrovnik, and hope it helps you on your travels!

Xoxo Ani and Sam


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