Eating out in: Florence

Posted - 13th October 2018

During our weekend stay in Florence (read more in our blog A weekend in: Florence), we had some delicious dinners and food! Here’s our guide to some delicious eating spots in Florence.

As we were in Italy, and as it was very hot outside (of course), we HAD to have ice cream to cool down. But we found that the ice cream was ridiculously expensive in Florence city centre, so we had to find somewhere that was a bit more reasonably priced and delicious at the same time! So we found two great Gelateria’s: Gelateria La Carraia and Sbrino – gelatificio contadino.

While we were walking around Florence, we realised that there were loads of people walking around with sandwiches fully loaded with meat and cheese and other delicatessen. We then realised that they were all coming from All’Antico Vinaio, a little street food shop close to Piazza della Signoria. Just look at these photos of the sandwiches, aren’t they appetising? You have a choice of around 10 different sandwiches, but all sounded delicious. And the ones we picked, I can confirm, were the most delicious sandwiches we’ve had in a while! But do be prepared, the queue can get very large, but it does move quite quickly.

One great place to get very fresh food and discover local and traditional dishes is the Mercato Centrale. They sell everything there, fresh fish or meat, fruits, spices, they’ve got it all!

Now when you’re in Italy, you MUST have aperitivo. Aperitivo is not the same as Happy Hour, it’s something even better than that! With the discounted drinks that you buy, you also get the choice to have food from the buffet that the cafe / restaurant has to offer. So depending on which place you pick to have this aperitivo, you might have a huge choice of food or a small choice, and usually the waiters ask if you want to include the buffet food price on the drink, but it’s usually really cheap, and you get a whole dinner for it! Sam and I found a great place called Kitsch 2, that had just so so so much food offered, and just for 15 euros each, we each had a huge glass of Aperol Spritz and a ton of food. The atmosphere in this place was really nice too!

On our final night we wanted to try some Florentine steak. We heard from many people that the meat is delicious but quite pricey! After searching online for a while, we found a lovely little place that offered exactly what we wanted: La Buchetta Food & Wine Restaurant. In this restaurant you actually get to see your food being prepared on the tv live, and the atmosphere is just so lovely, and I have to give a shout out to the waiters, they were so helpful and kind. But if you do want to have dinner here, make sure to book in advance, as they get full very quickly!

I felt that the steak was a bit too much, so I opted for the gnocchi, which was also their signature dish, and it was truly amazing. I’ve never had anything so beautiful tasty to delicious at the same time!

A lot of time we didn’t want to stop to have dinner of lunch, so had it on the go. That’s an easy solution in a place like Italy, because you can find little pizza stalls or street food places all over. So often just grabbed a slice of pizza and found the best place to sit with a view.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on places to eat around Florence, and hope this will inspire your next travels.

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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