Eating Out In: Moscow

Posted - 25th July 2017

Moscow, as it is a capital, is not the cheapest place to eat out. But we have found some great little places to eat. In general, Russian food is quite fresh and very tasty, but I might be biased due to my Moldovan origins. There are many different places you can choose from to eat, all of them super tasty.

You may not know it, but Russia loves it’s sushi! So sushi restaurants are everywhere. Our favourite one was Wabi Sabi – it is a chain, but the sushi is delicious, and the smoothies they make, are even better.

One day we felt that we wanted something more traditional, so we found this cute little place called Odessa-Mama. Our mouths were watering when we were eating the food here. You can have the traditional “kompot” juices of different flavours, “perlmeni” and “vareniki” – all delicious. The hand made friend potatoes and meats were again perfect – and if we had a choice, we would have gone there again, many times…

When you are around the Red Square, of course, you have the shopping centre GUM. This place is of course very expensive, but the restaurants and cafes are quite affordable if you find the right one. You can choose anything to your own taste, and we are sure that they are all of good quality and are delicious. You can also buy the tastiest old-school ice cream here – it’s a definite must.

Xoxo Sam and Ani

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