Eating Out In: Saint Petersburg

Posted - 25th July 2017

As we had a whole week to spend in St. Petersburg, we got to enjoy many different restaurants and cafes. The cool thing about St. Petersburg, is that it has a lot of cafes / bakeries where you can sit and drink/eat. They have so much choice of baked goods, and they all just look delicious. One of our favourites was “Bulka Hleba” this is a chain of bakeries, so there are many of them around town where you can stop over.

One of the cafes that we really enjoyed stopping over at was Shokoladnitsa”. Again, this is another chain, but we loved their desserts as well as the smoothies they make, they’re huge and delicious!

Another typical thing for St. Petersburg is that there are many “stolovaias” around town, which literally mean canteen. Food there is very cheap, very fresh, and you can taste real Russian food, just like at home. A lot of business people will go to these canteens during their lunches and have a good meal. In addition, they also have fast food places that make Russian food, just like at home as well. One of these places is “Teremok”. The great thing is that even though it is fast food and cheap, it is still tasty, and completely healthy as well! We had soup, a salad and pancakes.

Sticking to the theme of chains of restaurants, one of our favourites was Evrasia”. We were pleasantly surprised by how tasty the food was when we went to the one new Nevsky avenue. This shows that location of these chain restaurants really makes a difference! The food type here is Asian, so you can get sushi and stir fry etc, and Uzbek food type, which was a bit of a strange mix! We tried both, and loved the Uzbek food, as it is quite similar to Russian food as well. We had fried “pelmeni” and “golubtsi”.

On our first night, as we were new to the city, we just walked around and stumbled on the restaurant “Vkus Esti”. This was a new restaurant, so it was still up and coming, but we loved the interior. Each plate was like a masterpiece, it was beautifully plated, and the food was delicious, but our most favourite was their drinks! Their lemonades were amazing.

Just as in Moscow, we decided we wanted some Ukrainian food again, so we found a restaurant really close by to our hotel called “Shinok” and we loved it so much, that we went there twice! The interior of the restaurant itself is great as well, looks very Ukrainian, and they have the cutest toilets, as well as their food, it is just unbelievably good! On our first night, we decided to have “shashlik” (which is a type of barbecued meat) and friend potatoes like at home.

The second time we decided to have some soup, and some “vareniki” with cottage cheese and cherries, and loved the way they were served. We thought that the restaurant was very original and the service was great too. They also have live Ukranian folk music from 8:30pm till 11pm every single night. The lady is great a singing, so if you’re into that, we would definitely recommend spending an evening there.

And finally, on our last night, after having done some shopping in the huge Galeria Mall that is next to the railway station, we had some dinner on the top floor (roof) at the “Bolshaya Kukhnya”. We were just amazed by this restaurant, and it was by far our favourite! Again, the interior of the place was amazing, the kitchen was completely open, so you can look in, the restaurant was huge, and the view over St. Petersburg was stunning. We also loved the way we were served all the food, it was all delicious and well priced too. The service was great, even though the restaurant was so big, and there was even a kid’s corner, that the kids loved! We would strongly recommend everyone to go there, as the menu is also so big and different, that there is a food type from around the world for everyone to enjoy, from pizzas to burgers to salads and soups to pastas, everything!!

We hope this guide to restaurants around St. Petersburg helps you during your stay.

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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