Getting Around In: Saint Petersburg

Posted - 25th July 2017

As in Moscow, St. Petersburg also has a good metro station, with some beautiful subway stops. These stations are very deep in the ground, so be prepared to be standing on the escalator for a long time!

One ride on the metro costs 45 Rub, and they still have a quite old system were they give little coins to place into the machines to enter the metro stations. Their metro system isn’t as big as the Moscow ones, and we would say, not as convenient with their metro stops, but still great to get around the city.

Some of the beautiful arts on some of the stops are below:


As well as having a Moscow railway station, were fast and slow trains travel to Moscow almost every half an hour, St. Petersburg also has a station that has trains that go to Finland! It is quite a simple way, and we forget how close Finland actually is to this great city. We didn’t have the pleasure to travel on this train, but we’re sure it’s great!

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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