Getting Around In: Moscow

Posted - 25th July 2017

If you read our other blog about A Weekend in: Moscow, you probably could see that within 2.5 days, we managed to see most of this big city, all thanks to the great metro system there is.

Not only is the city well equipped with a great metro system, they also have trams, buses and taxis that you can use to get around with. It is easy to buy tickets for the metro, one trip costs 55 Rub, and if you do not exit the metro station, you can use it to cross between lines as much as you wish. You can also get a 24hr metro card that is 210 Rub, which is very useful if you keep want to hop on and off the metro.

For other fares, please see their metro website.

Not only are the metros great to get around with, they are also extremely stunning. Some of these stations had been built centuries ago, so they are covered in marble and statues and some even have paintings in them. Again, the metros are super clean, and well guarded, so they are not scary at night. Unfortunately, the signs in the metro are all in English, so make sure you know where you need to go and follow the numbers and colours of the lines you need.

Tip: All metros and public transport have a free wifi system so get connected.

Here are some photos of our favourite metro stations that if you have some time, you should go and visit.





Another great thing about Moscow is that it has many train stations around the city, where trains leave in different directions. The one train station we visited was the Leningradskaia train station, where you can take the fast or slow trains to St. Petersburg. This is a super easy way to get between the two big cities. The fast train only takes about 3.5 hours, and the economy class was extremely comfortable with great big seats, a big TV, good tables etc… 

As Moscow is such a big capital, it also has many different airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo and Jukovskii. All these airports are well equipped with Aeroexpress trains that take you to the nearest train station / metro station. They go about every half an hour, and are comfortable and you can purchase tickets for them just as you get to the airport.

I hope this travel guide was useful for you on how to get around Moscow. Please feel free to read our other blogs on our website about Moscow and other destinations.

Xoxo Ani and Sam

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